DCCMS Scuba Diving Tanks (40 to 50 Minutes Breathing Time)


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High quality material: Made of 6061-T6 aviation aluminum alloy material, it has undergone high-strength oxidation treatment and has characteristics such as corrosion resistance and wear resistance.
Large capacity design: The capacity of this oxygen cylinder is 2 liters, which can provide sufficient oxygen supply time.
Super sealing performance: Adopting a dual O-ring sealing design, ensuring reliable sealing performance of the oxygen cylinder during use.
Multifunctional application: can be used for underwater activities such as diving, swimming, snorkeling, and outdoor camping.
Lightweight and portable: The oxygen cylinder weighs only 3kg and is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry
Name: DS-4000 / DS-3000
Model:3L scuba tank / 4L scuba tank
Use time.
DS-3000(30~40 minutes)
Material: aluminum alloy
Safety air pressure: 3000PSI / 20MPA / 200BAR
Maintenance: After use in seawater or rivers and lakes, please use water to soak and rinse and avoid direct sunlight

Frequently Asked Questions:
1, use time: he can provide you with 30 ~ 40 minutes of underwater breathing time according to the size of the capacity
2, the use of depth: our air tank is made of aluminum alloy can be used safely within 98 feet
3, travel problems: the gas tank is part of the package issued by the split, so no internal gas can be brought on the plane, the user needs to fill their own gas
4, if inflatable: need to use 3000psi pressure value of the compressed air pump to fill
5, Can the gas be stored? Yes, our gas canisters have good sealing performance and can store the gas for 15 days.
Scuba tank inflation method
Because the capacity of the gas tank is too large, so you can not use a manual air pump to fill the gas, you need to use an electric air pump to fill the gas, and we are equipped with an international standard YOKE adapter, even if you are using the international standard air compressor can fill the gas for it
Combination display
The entire cylinder set includes: valve head / breather / cylinder / pressure tube / pressure gauge / back plate.
And there are two pockets in the waistband area of the back plate, which can be used to wear weighted lead for diving. And the shoulder part has a lot of buckles, you can put some equipment hanging buckle on the top of the shoulder belt.
This back plate can be loaded with a larger capacity of 6.8L / 8L / 12L professional diving tanks can use this back plate
Order Details
3L gas tank*1
Valve head breather system*1
Back plate*1
Diving glasses*1
YOKE adaptor*1
Order Details
4L gas tank*1
Valve head breather system*1
Back plate*1
Diving glasses*1

Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 47 × 31 × 26 cm
Model Number


Brand Name



Mainland China


13.2 lbs

Breathing time:

30~50 minutes

Inflation method:

electric air pump

Color: black



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