ZOHAN Universal Gun Cleaning Kit for 12 Gauge Shotgun


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Product Description
Suitable for Caliber – The cleaning kit multifuntion tools suitable for 12 gauge.
The shotgun cleaning kit including: 4 stainless steel rods, 1 shotgun adapter, 1 aluminium handle, 1 pack of patches, 1 bore brush, , 1 double end brush, 1 cotton mop, 1 muzzle guard, 1 spring brush, 1 brass patch holder.
Extended the service life of shotgun – Proper cleaning, maintenaning and storaging your shotgun can prevent the residue from accumulating in its moving parts , keep shotgun safety, but also extend the service life of the gun.
Compact cleaning tool – Gun cleaning kit is compact, arranged neatly and orderly. All the necessary parts for cleaning 12G shotgun are included. Fits well in a backpack or duffel bag.
1.Put the solvent on the patches which attached on slotted tip;(see the pic.) Push the patches going through the bore, so that all bore surface can be fully covered with the solvent. And wait for 5 min.
2.Use the SPRING BRUSH to clean the bore, which can remove lead or brass residues quickly and efficiently.
3.Use the bronze bore brush to clean the bore, which can clean some places which the spring brush can not reach.
4.Use the cotton mop to clean the bore to keep the bore dry and clean enough.
1.Cotton Mop Brush
Our 100% cotton mops are ultra-absorbent and will carry solvents and lubes into your bore, and the fibers help loosen fouling and deposits and sweep them away.
2.Phosphor Bronze Brush
Provides a thorough multi-directional scrubbing action for Cleaning fouling, especially lead, out of your weapon without causing damage to the rifling.
3.Coiled Bore Brush
Coiled Bore Brushes have a special spiral-wound design that’s highly effective for cleaning severely leaded or fouled bores. The stainless steel loops eliminate any bristle ends that could leave scratches, and their springy, looped bristles self-clean and don’t mat down.
4.Stainless Steel Cleaning Rod
The product package contains 4 Stainless steel, tough and durable, each length is 3.15inch, You can freely combine rods of appropriate length according to the length of the barrel.

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Universal Gun Cleaning Kit


Gun Cleaning Kit Universal Gun Brush Tool


easy storage




Compact cleaning tool

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rifle, shotgun, airsoft


12 Gauge Shotgun


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