GOYOJO 0.5 Liter Mini Scuba Diving Oxygen Tank Kit (Allows for 5-10 Minutes Underwater Breathing)


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GOYOJO 0.5 Liter Mini Tank Diving Scuba,5-10 Minutes Underwater Breathing Equipment Portable Diving Tank Oxygen Tank Kit

Product Features

**Portable scuba oxygen bottle: can be immersed in about 5 ~ 10 minutes, can be used for adult surface breathing about 66 mouth air, underwater depth varies, the use of time will also vary.

**Bottle design: 1 kind of luminous instrument, depth resistance at a glance, underwater 80 meters is still clearly visible. 2 – Pressure reducing valve to release the pressure, press to release the pressure of the air. 3 – Air filter can breathe pure air, multi-filter design breathable pure air.

**Professional customized dust cover protects the air inlet to prevent impact and affect performance, 3 kinds of inflation can be selected according to the scenario, maximum inflation pressure: 3000PSI/200BAR/2OMPA.

**Multi-layer anti-corrosion and high-pressure treatment: aluminum alloy with multi-coating treatment, with fully automatic coating mirror layer, using aluminum alloy mirror treatment, 6061 aluminum alloy hot extrusion one-piece molding.

**Use details: Oxygen cylinder pressure should not exceed 20 MPa (i.e. 200BAR or 3000PSI pressure gauge shown) Before boarding, please separate the breathing valve from the bottle, you need to press the top first to release the pressure, then separate the bottle.

What if I want to go diving in the sea but don’t have the professional equipment? With the Scuba Diving Cylinder, you can dive and feel the charm of the sea even if you are a novice!
Name: Portable Scuba Oxygen Cylinder
Specification: 0.5L
Weight: 1.08KG
Gas capacity: 100L (compressed air)
Size: 35.3CM/long
2.25 “LB/5.71CM/diameter
Number of breaths: approx. 66 breaths for the water surface
Available time: 5-10 minutes

Additional information

Weight 1.747 kg
Dimensions 44 × 18 × 8 cm
DIY Supplies


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Mainland China


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